MTA: Introduction to Programming Using HTML and CSS
MTA: Introduction to Programming Using HTML and CSS

Formation Exam 98-383: Introduction to Programming Using HTML and CSS in FEZ MOROCCO

Skills measured

  • Understand HTML Fundamentals (10-15%)
  • Understand CSS Fundamentals (15-20%)
  • Structure Documents Using HTML (30-35%)
  • Present Multimedia Using HTML (10-15%)
  • Style Web Pages Using CSS (20-25%)

Audience Profile

Candidates for this exam should be able to recognize and write syntactically correct HTML and
CSS, structure data using HTML elements, and create and apply styles using CSS.
Candidates are expected to have at least 100 hours of instruction or hands-on experience with
HTML and CSS, be familiar with their features and capabilities, and understand how to write,
debug, and maintain well-formed HTML and CSS code.

Skills Measured

NOTE: The bullets that appear below each of the skills measured are intended to illustrate how
we are assessing that skill. This list is not definitive or exhaustive.
NOTE: In most cases, exams do NOT cover preview features, and some features will only be
added to an exam when they are GA (General Availability).

Understand HTML Fundamentals (10-15%)

Construct markup that uses metadata elements
 script; noscript; style; link; meta tags, including encoding, keywords, viewport, and
Construct well-formed markup that conforms to industry best practices
 DOCTYPE declaration; HTML; head; body; proper syntax, including closing tags and
commonly used symbols; comments

Understand CSS Fundamentals (15-20%)

Analyze the impact of using inline styles, internal style sheets, and external style sheets
 when to use inline styles; when to use internal style sheets; when to use external style
sheets; precedence when using a combination of inline styles and style sheets
Construct and analyze rule sets
 valid syntax for the CSS rule set; selectors, including class, id, elements and pseudo-class
Construct well-formed style sheets that conform to industry best practices
 reusing rules and rule sets; commenting; testing on multiple browsers; web safe fonts

Structure Documents Using HTML (30-35%)

Construct and analyze markup to structure content and organize data
 table tags; h1-h6; p; br; hr; div; span; ul; ol; li
Construct and analyze markup that uses HTML5 semantic elements
 semantic tags; header; nav; section; article; aside; footer; details; summary; figure; caption
Construct and analyze markup that implements navigation
 image links; a; target; bookmark; relative versus absolute links; navigating simple folder
Construct and analyze markup that uses form elements
 form attributes; action; method; submission methods; accessibility; input types and
restrictions; select; textarea; button; output; option; datalist; fieldset

Present Multimedia Using HTML (10-15%)

Construct and analyze markup that displays images
 img and picture elements and their attributes
Describe the appropriate use of the img, svg, and canvas elements
Construct and analyze markup that plays video and audio
 video; audio; track; source; simple iframe implementations

Style Web Pages Using CSS (20-25%)

Construct and analyze styles that position content
 positioning, including float, relative, absolute, max-width, overflow, height, width, and
align; inline versus block; visibility; box model, including margins and padding
Construct and analyze styles that format text
 font-family; color; font-style; font-size; font-weight; link colors; text formatting, including
text alignment, text decoration, and indentation
Construct and analyze styles that format backgrounds and borders
 border-color; border-style; border-width; backgrounds; divs; colors
Analyze styles that implement a simple responsive layout
 units of measure; responsive effects with CSS, including viewport and media query;
percentages versus pixels; frameworks and templates; max width

A propos de la formation:

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Certification Exam 98-383: Introduction to Programming Using HTML and CSS
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Avantages  La certification Microsoft Technology Associate
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